Here is an A-Z guide of Asian School, the school ethos, curriculum content, policies, and all the

details that make us so special.

Asian School, a co-education institution recreates the attractiveness, romance, magic, and the

enhancement of learning. A school that reminds you of the things your grandparents told you

when you were young.

Asian School is a beautiful synthesis of old world values and a futuristic approach, an amalgam

of Indian traditions, contemporary views, a harmonious blend of the east and the west. A

school your child will love and be proud to call his own Alma Mater. A School that your ward

will always cherish and remember with awe and pride.

Asian School makes your child one of the gigantic pillars of our country and a fruit bearing tree

found in the garden of the universe.

Anil kumar,
Director cum Principal
Asian School




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