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About us


Asian School, a co- education institute is a beautiful synthesis of ancient values and a futuristic approach. It is an amalgam of Indian tradition, contemporary views, a harmonious blend of the east and the west. The kids who study here will surely be proud of our Asian School in owning it his/her own alma Mater.

Asian School took its birth on 26 th March 2006. As its logo i.e., “Because every child deserves the best” says, our Asian School has stood magnificently in Muzaffarpur, the second largest city in Bihar. Our school provides such a facility that can evolve a child not as good human being but also global citizen.

About Building

The building structure of our school is an enhancement for learning accumulation. The academia of our school goes on in large spacious and airy rooms. It helps children to learn new things and mould themselves according to it and innovate a new way towards development.